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    jan goldšmíd
    Founder, lead pilot and camera

    +420 723 707 958

    Michal Hrubý
    camera, photo, editing

    +420 732 621 464

    Lukáš Nosek
    camera, editing, fpv drone

    +420 603 433 313

    Dominik tula
    camera, drone

    +420 723 699 953

    Ondřej sejk
    pilot, thermal imaging not only from the drone

    +420 603 150 924

    Jan Fridrich
    graphics, photo

    +420 734 633 262

    jan svoboda

    Jan Svoboda
    Technician, cable cam operator

    +420 774 470 829

    Jakub Mráz
    fpv drone, mechanic

    +420 732 649 562

    Vladimír Třebický

    +420 605 297 269


    It was 2015 when I started flying the first drone models with my friends. They were small models, they fit in the palm of your hand. Of course they were not equipped with any stabilization systems, GPS or camera. It was a lot of fun, especially the constant repairing and searching somewhere in the woods or on rooftops. After buying my fifth drone model, I became convinced that I could move on and bought my first drone with a camera – the DJI Phantom 2 Vision. Of course, during the first week he managed to get wrapped around a lamp, flew into a tree and had a few collisions during landing. The second week in Croatia he lost his signal and went into a forest full of tall trees, where he fell from about 30 metres. That time, the gimbal camera took the hit. I didn’t hesitate for a day and right after arriving from Croatia I ran to the store and bought a DJI Phantom 3 Pro. With this machine it went better and, having learned from previous failures, I slowly started to improve and train for my future career as a professional drone pilot, which I didn’t know about at that moment…