Sports videos


What we offer

We are a leader in the field of filming sporting events from a drone, we film both smaller events and some of the biggest ones in our country with thousands of participants such as Jizerská 50 or the Prague Mayors . Our experienced drone pilots can fly really low and close to objects and thanks to that we can shoot very interesting footage. We can fly through the woods, through an old factory hall or follow the athletes in close proximity.

Before filming a sporting event, we always like to walk the entire area or route to plan the entire shoot, position the cameras and other equipment so that we don’t miss any of the interesting points and moments of the event.

In addition to the actual filming of the sporting event, we will also be happy to prepare short interviews or a reportage for television broadcast, where we will skillfully and naturally incorporate partner brands in order to achieve the partnership performance, which is usually a crucial thing for these companies when presenting their company at these events.

And as a bonus, we’ll supply you with drone photos from each event for free!

Are you interested in our service? Write or call us and we will be happy to discuss the details of cooperation with you.

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