Ben Cristovao

video clip I send you love

We were invited to this project with a large Inspire 2 Pro drone and we were tasked with shooting action shots – almost FPV drone style. The filming took place inside the hall and it was quite a challenge.

It started with a raid on Ben, who was standing on an elevated platform. Lights out, camera, drone, flap and go. It flashed everywhere and we flew back and forth, left to right, up and down, as the director wanted. The coordination between the pilot and the camera operator was at the highest level and after 5 repetitions of the whole clip, we already knew a few words from the new song.

After watching drone footage with a director from Championship music  the task has been completed and you can see what it looks like when our film drone embarks on such a complex mission.

more about the project

The video was produced in cooperation with Komerční banka as part of the O CO2 JDE campaign.

The clip “I’m sending you love” is loosely related to Sustainable Sessions. From a sustainability perspective, it is unique in that it can be described as carbon neutral. The creative team decided to compensate for theCO2 emissions produced during the filming by supporting a project aimed at planting new trees in the Czech Republic.

We believe that in every area there is room for change that will lead to a more sustainable future for all of us. The carbon-neutral music video is a great proof that music is no exception.

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