Czech Triathlon Association

triathlon connects us

Video production of the logo change Czech Triathlon Association was a great opportunity to work on the script. We were given a free hand again and came up with  a proposal of how it could look like. After a few meetings, we coordinated with our graphic designer Honza and came up with the concept of blending the 3D logo.

Filming with Petra Kuříková, a leading Czech triathlete, took place in 1 afternoon, because the weather and time possibilities were not very good. Still, it turned out great and the voiceover by Jiří Dvořák added a great atmosphere.

We enjoy making videos of sporting events, but we enjoy these creative commissions even more.

“The Czech Triathlon Association presents its new visual style. The new logo is to become a symbol of connection. It reflects not only the interconnection of the three triathlon disciplines, but also the national symbols (flag), heart or shield. 

The author of the logo and the new triathlon symbol is Lumír Kajnar, who has signed the logo for the Czech Scouts, the Czech Rugby Union, Liftago and the Tomas Bata University in Zlín. “Logo has had 10 months of hard training. It got busy in sketches, on the computer and in presentations. Now he’s standing at the starting line. I wish it to serve well all those who gave their hearts to triathlon in the Czech Republic,” said Lumír Kajnar.”


video from our production

our haircuts from triathlon races