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When the guys from City Triathlon approached us to make a trailer for the upcoming triathlon world cup in Karlovy Vary, we brought a lot of ideas to the meeting. But the best one, which was born in the head of our creative Vládi, was the idea for the film Vrchní prchni. We knew right away it was going to be a blast.

The main roles were played by Petr Kopfstein – a well-known Czech Red Bull Air Race pilot and Heidi Juránková – a promising Czech triathlete. They both played their roles to perfection.

Filming at the airport, when Petr was literally flying a few meters above our heads, was one of the best experiences we had during our work deployment. We managed to film 3 spots in one day, which you can see below!

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The important World Cup race City Triathlon Karlovy Vary is here. This is a big holiday for the spa town. And Karlovy Vary aviator and participant in the prestigious Red Bull Air Race Petr Kopfstein, who loves triathlon, transformed himself into the role of the fake chief Dalibor Vrana from the movie Chief, run away in the promotional film.


“The filming was funny. In Karlovy Vary, we were an interesting attraction not only for tourists, but also for locals – because of my wig, my friends either didn’t recognize me or laughed at me,” says Kopfstein with a smile, who was chased in front of the camera by Czech triathlete Heidi Juránková.


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