Service offer - not only from the drone

Real estate videos

Full service for real estate brokers and developers. You don’t worry about anything, we’ll take care of everything. The service includes the creation of infographics, the creation of a scenario and photographing the property not only from the drone, but also from the ground. We also arrange virtual staging and can deliver the video within 48 hours.

Sports videos

We are the market leader in filming sporting events from a drone. We also have a complete video production available. We create aftermovies, reports, live broadcasts, we have a camera cable. We are able to deliver the video on the day of the event. We’ll come up with a scenario and engage the fulfillment partners appropriately.

FPV drones

With our modern and ultra-fast FPV drones we are able to capture the surrounding landscape or fast moving objects from a whole new perspective. Thanks to the size and modularity of our drones, we are able to get into places we wouldn’t be able to go with conventional drones.

Video production

Idea, idea, script, storyboard, location, permit, gear, crew, flap, camera and go! Professional filming for film or advertising purposes, including the entire project implementation. Vertical videos, customized reels… And if we need to, we’ll deliver on the day of the shoot! And we also have a film drone with 12-bit RAW recording.

Our satisfied clients